our trips

  • Expedition Paddling with the Kuna

    We’ll use our stable sea kayaks to explore the islands West of the traditional community of Digir. ...More

  • Biodiversity & Adventure in Kuna Yala

    Sea kayaking and a rich island environment are some of the highlights of this adventure. ...More

  • Embera Indiginous Community

    This adventure will take you to an indigenous village in the Chagres National Park and river. ...More

  • Paddling the RIver of Gold Exploration

    The Chagres River is unquestionably one of the Great Rivers of the World. ...More

  • Sunset or Sunrise Sea Kayak

    The Panama Canal entrance is the door to one of the most highly traveled waterways in the world. ...More

  • Panama Canal Water Trails

    Soberania Park touches Gatun’s borders. It is one of the most accessible tropical forests in the country ...More

  • Exploring Rainforest Canyons

    Silent paddling provides a remarkable experience for passionate and first- time bird watchers alike. ...More

  • Custom Adventures

    Our staff is ready to help you create a custom-design tour from scratch. or adapt any itinerary we offer ...More

  • Kuna Yala Expedition (1 Day)

    It gives you the opportunity to mingle with the Kunas on their coconut covered islands, enjoy the beaches, ...MoreĀ